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Recommended sessions Microsoft DevDays 2009

One of my best viewed(over 750 views!) posts of last year was my post around the sessions on the Microsoft Developer Days.

Within a week from now, the Microsoft DevDays 2009 will take place in The Hague. Tickets are still available! I’ve already got mine.

I’ll try to make a nice agenda again, which has got everything in it. From great speakers till cloud computing and from Sharepoint to practical knowledge sessions which you can leverage immediately.

Thursday May 28:

The key-note(9.00-10.30 AM) of this year will be done by someone who I personally really admire, David Chappell! He is a great speaker and very knowledgable on the Microsoft era, as well as the Java world. We start the day with some Cloud perspective. David will tell you why this “cloud thing” isn’t just a hype.

Session 1(10.50-12.00 a.m.): I would like to hear what David’s opinion is around the Microsoft platform, that’s why I recommend to go for the session of David Chappell. If your interest is in WCF I would go for the session of Aaron Skonnard and if you really like ASP.NET I would opt for Ingo Rammers session.

Session 2(1.30 – 2.40 p.m.): Personally I’m very interested In Biztalk 2009 and the ESB guidance. Both are products we use at Avanade to help our customers create an Enterprise SOA. Other interesting session might be ‘A lap around VSTS 2010 Team Foundation Server’ because if you are a Microsoft developer you will need it in the future, that’s for sure.

Session 3(3.00 – 4.10 p.m.): This timeframe is full of great sessions! David Chappell on Geneva, Tony Krijnen on Windows 7, Gert Drapers on Declarative Database Development. So it’s hard to choose. But these subjects are all future stuff. Dennis Mulder, my ex-colleague and former career manager will do a talk on ALM for Biztalk developers. Very practical, which you can use immediately on your projects. I think I will support him and go see his session.

Session 4(4.30 – 5.40 p.m.): I’ve seen some whitepapers and blogposts from Aaron Skonnard, but I’ve never met him in real life. In this timeframe he will do a session on .NET Services: Moving .NET to the Cloud. I didn’t have time to play with this technology yet, but I will for sure in the near future. Definitely worth to pay a visit to this session I think.

Friday May 29:

Session 1(9.15-10.30 a.m.): Two interesting sessions in this timeframe are the session on ‘Dublin’ by Aaron Skonnard and the session on Windows Azure for architects by Anko Duizer. When I started with .NET back in the days that .NET was still Beta technology, Anko was the one who teached me C# and Microsoft.NET. Since I’ve seen Aaron already on thursday I think I will visit the session of Anko.

Session 2(10.50 – 12.00 a.m.): Every .NET developer gets into touch with Sharepoint some time. I like the work the guys from U2U are doing, it’s a shame that Patrick isn’t there anymore. I’m looking forward to the session on Jan Tielens about Sharepoint and .NET 3.5

Session 3(1.30 – 2.40 p.m.): I would like to hear some more detail on the WCF Rest Starter Kit, so I probably will end up in that session. Other interesting session is the one from Alex Thissen(great guy and speaker!) around Oslo.

Session 4(3.00 – 4.10 p.m.): Because earlier in the day I went to see the session from Anko around Azure, I think I will have to see the second part as well.

Session 5(4.30 – 5.40 p.m.): Who remains after 2 days of sessions?? Who will sit until the end in the session on Friday afternoon?? I believe this is the most horrible slot that you can get, because everybody is just tired and want to get home or grap a beer. This year we have only one speaker from Avanade on the DevDays, so I must support that:) Brian Camping will do a session on WCF best practices and pitfalls.


Hope to see you at the DevDays!

Good to know: Biztalk Adapter Pack versus LOB Adapters

Something to be careful about distinguishing correctly when you talk to customers is the difference between “BizTalk Server 2009 LOB Adapters” and “BizTalk Adapter Pack version 2.0”.  The “BizTalk Server 2009 LOB Adapters” contains adapters for TIBCO, JDE, PeopleSoft as well as versions of Oracle adapter and Siebel adapter.  These adapters are all pre-WCF and based on old adapter framework.  By contrast the “BizTalk Adapter Pack version 2.0” contains new WCF adapters including SQL and Oracle e-business suite but also again for Oracle database and Siebel.  An evaluation version of the new BizTalk Adapter Pack v2.0 can be downloaded from here.

Passed first upgrade exam(70-553) for MCPD certification

Yesterday I passed the 1st exam to upgrade my MCSD.NET to MCPD EA certification.

Last Friday I did the 70-553 exam for the first time. I failed by only 30 points on one of the three parts of the exam, the windows development part. So I had to retake the exam.

If you need to study for the exam I can advise you the guide of my colleague David San Filippo. And the Transcenders are always helpful.

Avanade teams with Microsoft to develop Sharepoint guidance

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server is selling like a rock these days, it seesm like almost every Microsoft developer is doing MOSS. But MOSS also has it’s downsides of course.

1) A lack of tools to support the developer in his day-to-day work. Tools like the WSP builder for instance which is build by the community.

2) A lack of guidance.


Avanade now teams together with Microsoft to provide more guidance to Sharepoint developers!

"SharePoint projects can be more risky than traditional .NET projects because the developer best practices and tools for the platform aren’t as mature" says Mike Chorey, GT&S Solutions Architect @ Avanade “Our  goals were to create consistency and cut ramp-up time in half for Sharepoint developers. With the new guidance from the Patterns & Practices team, delivering SharePoint projects will be much more predictable and lower risk."

For more information, check out this video on and version 1.0 of the P&P Sharepoint guidance on the Microsoft site.

Tornado at a sunny day in Holland

Due to the fact that it was about 27degrees yesterday my girlfriend, daughter and I went to a recreational lake in the Centre of Holland called Henschotermeer.

The sky was blue and no clouds, but suddenly there was some kind of tornado a few honderd meters away from us. Some airbeds went up into the sky about a mile high.

It’s also in the news on one of the most popular blogs in Holland, read it here. And from that article you can also watch some pictures.