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UDDI support in BizTalk Server R3 or Windows Server 2008??

As follow up on my previous post regarding the new capabilities in BizTalk Server 2006 R3 the following question may rise:

What’s with UDDI, doesn’t Windows server 2008 have UDDI? 

As part of this next BizTalk Server release, Microsoft will be transitioning the packaging/distribution of Microsoft’s UDDI capabilities from Windows Server over to BizTalk Server.  Given the close relationship of web service registries with metadata repository technologies, it makes sense to more closely align the distribution and evolution of Microsoft’s registry/repository functionality.   As a result, Microsoft will be deprecating UDDI v2 services out of the next major version of Windows Server, and offering an enhanced registry (UDDI v3 compatible) with BizTalk Server’s next release.  (Current UDDI v2 customers will be receive guidance on how to move to UDDI v3 capabilities in a straight-forward manner.)  This enables a core foundational element of your SOA infrastructure, and helps prepare for some of the forthcoming modeling and repository investments planned in the “Oslo” wave of products.