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Back from Holiday into FY11

Hi there!

I am back from a well deserved vacation to Cyprus. Cyprus is quite nice, also in October. It’s still 25-30degrees. But if you decide to go to Cyprus I would advise to stay on the Greek side of the Island. It’s more fun for tourists there.

The new fiscal year(FY11) already started at Avanade and hopefully it will be such a success as FY10. We are anxiously waiting for our new HTC Trophy Windows Phones 7, but it looks promising.

I’m really looking forward to the game Frogger on my Windows Phone 7:)


Last week we had the PDC(Professional Developer Conference) in the US, meanwhile I watched some interesting videos from PDC. Especially the one about the Biztalk roadmap and Integration as a service(IaaS).You can watch the BizTalk Server 2010 and Roadmap session here.

David Chappell just released an updated version of his whitepapers about the Azure platform “Introducing Windows Azure”  and “Introducing the Windows Azure Platform” with latest feature updates and enhancements as presented at PDC’10

Exciting times are coming up and a lot to learn about!!

If you need a refreshing break from learning or just some music during work, you can always download some new stuff:)

The new record of my friend DJ San can be downloaded from Beatport now, anther dance floor killer is the new record of Sander Van Doorn



Pink! Funhouse Tour in Rotterdam Ahoy

Yesterday evening I went with some friends to the Funhouse Tour concert of Pink!. She’s only 29years old but already a big star with lots of hitsongs. Her performance is outstanding and she also looks good. She’s the new Madonna but with a great own personality.

It was a great show and fantastic performance! If you like her music, go buy some tickets and see the show!

I also uploaded a video to YouTube shot with my telephone. Here is the link to Pink 🙂

Back on ‘air’!

February 16, 2009 / 1 Comment on Back on ‘air’!

Hi readers of my blog,

Finally I’m back blogging again. First of all sorry for not blogging that long! I has been an extremely busy period for me. I moved to my new house in December to start living with my girlfirend Monica and her 4 year old daughter Amber. Because of moving to our new house I needed to move my internet connection as well.

But that wasn’t as easy as it should be. It took XS4ALL almost 6 weeks to move my connection. In the end I was so disappointed with XS4ALL, that I decided to switch to cable internet from Ziggo. It took some time to get evrything ordered and up and running. But now I have triple play(internet, TV and phone) services from Ziggo. So no KPN or XS4ALL(which is also KPN) anymore in my house!

Regarded work…. I’m still working with K2 blackpearl, doing some Proof of Concepts. I’m glad that the K2 book is out now. I pre-ordered a copy on but I still haven’t received it yet 🙁 Which is strange while colleagues of mine who ordered the book a couple of weeks back already have the book.

Be prepared this year for more blogging on Microsoft technologies(K2 blackpearl, BizTalk, etc), daily life things and hobbies like snowboarding(will go in 3 weeks!), cycling, house music, internet, etc.

Stay tuned!

32 years!

October 5, 2008 / 2 Comments on 32 years!

Today I reached the age of 32. My lovely girlfriend and my friends bought me a Nintendo Wii for my birthday! I’m very pleased with it. And I also received a wellness threatment during Christmas this year, after we moved into our new house.

A double 4th anniversary and the beginning of a ‘new’ year

It’s the time of the year that everybody gets back from holiday and starts with a fresh spirit. For me personally yesterday was a bit of a special day. I celebrated two 4th anniversaries!

The first one was the anniversary of Amber, the daughter of my girlfriend. It was an exciting day for her, because it also was her first day at school.

The second anniversary I celebrated yesterday was the beginning of my 5th year @ Avanade. It was again a good year at Avanade, our headcount increased by 36%! We started 4 years ago with about 15 people and now we really have a nice footprint in the Dutch market and also globally.

The 1st of September was also the kick-off of the new fiscal year 2009. Which means that a lot of plans are presented for the coming year(3). September and Oktober are always months in which you have a lot of meetings and kick-offs. Everybody has new ideas after the vacation break:)

Two interesting meetings in the month September are the following:

The first one is a meeting on the 4th of September around ‘project Velocity’ presented by Dennis van der Stelt(the owner of Unfortunately I cannot attend this meeting while our general manager for Europe will visit Avanade Netherlands. But you can register here.

The second meeting I want to put your attention on is the BizTalk UserGroup meeting. It’s on the 22nd of September in Utrecht. You can register here.

Coolest company

Avanade Netherlands is in the race to become the coolest company. A competition started by one of the largest radio stations in The Netherlands, radio 3FM.

If we win the contest a radioshow will be recorded at our office and after lunch we receive a dance party:)

Here is the link to the video we supplied for the competition.

Funny part is that my girlfriend is in the video! She’s the girl halfway the video dancing with her sunglasses. Now it will surprise me if we don’t win:)