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Changes to the Dutch .NET magazine

Yesterday I attended an authors meeting at Microsoft Netherlands about the changes to the Dutch Microsoft.NET magazine that are upcoming. Currently Microsoft distributes around 30.000 items of the magazine every quarter. Microsoft is going to change a couple of things.

The most important change is that every edition will be about a certain subject(e.g. SQL Server 2008, Rosario, etc.). The item will contain at least 5 articles around that subject.

They won’t take on the role of publisher anymore; Array Publications will be responsible for that. For the readers of the magazine there won’t be a lot of changes except for 2 things: The layout of the magazine will change a lot. And from what I’ve seen of it I must say it is an improvement.

The other thing that is changing for the users, is the fact that you need to tell Microsoft that you still want to receive the .NET magazine. That way Microsoft knows exactly who is reading the magazine and who not. You can register for the .NET magazine at

Good thing is that it will continue to be FREE of charge!

Happy reading in the future!