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Back on ‘air’!

February 16, 2009 / 1 Comment on Back on ‘air’!

Hi readers of my blog,

Finally I’m back blogging again. First of all sorry for not blogging that long! I has been an extremely busy period for me. I moved to my new house in December to start living with my girlfirend Monica and her 4 year old daughter Amber. Because of moving to our new house I needed to move my internet connection as well.

But that wasn’t as easy as it should be. It took XS4ALL almost 6 weeks to move my connection. In the end I was so disappointed with XS4ALL, that I decided to switch to cable internet from Ziggo. It took some time to get evrything ordered and up and running. But now I have triple play(internet, TV and phone) services from Ziggo. So no KPN or XS4ALL(which is also KPN) anymore in my house!

Regarded work…. I’m still working with K2 blackpearl, doing some Proof of Concepts. I’m glad that the K2 book is out now. I pre-ordered a copy on but I still haven’t received it yet 🙁 Which is strange while colleagues of mine who ordered the book a couple of weeks back already have the book.

Be prepared this year for more blogging on Microsoft technologies(K2 blackpearl, BizTalk, etc), daily life things and hobbies like snowboarding(will go in 3 weeks!), cycling, house music, internet, etc.

Stay tuned!

Business Application Automation with Sharepoint and K2 webcast

Learn more about how K2 extends SharePoint to allow users to quickly assemble and automate critical business applications. The K2 platform provides rich business process management capabilities to equip users with tools to design, execute, optimize, monitor and report upon process-driven applications.

A use case demonstration of an HR Employee On boarding Application will showcase the deep integration between K2, MOSS and InfoPath.

K2 and Qortex, a SharePoint Premier Systems Integrator, will cover SharePoint deployment best practices and strategies for SharePoint adoption within your enterprise.

The event will be held Wednesday 24th of September between 6pm and 7pm Dutch time

Click here to register!


Not 007 but 807 is here

Yesterday K2 announced the public availability of the latest Blackpearl release 0807. It’s currently in Beta and downloadable for customers and partners. The beta cycle is planned to run for 2 to 3 weeks.

K2 fixed around 280 problems in this release and also added some new functionality. Sergio displays a good list of what the new release is all about:

Two videos on K2

There are two videos out on the web on K2.

The first video talks about the K2 products and the pricing model.

Earlier I did post some things around K2 Blackpoint. Well, the second video is even more interesting! It’s a demonstration by Seb and Shaun on K2 Blackpoint on channel 9.

I’m now off for a well deserved holiday in Belgium:)

Sharepoint workflows on steriods!

When asked about the high points of his career at Microsoft, Bill Gates answered Windows 95 and Sharepoint Portal Server(MOSS). We all know that MOSS is selling massive! The MOSS platform has some workflow features built into the product, but they are somewhat limited. On the otherhand K2 has Blackpearl, a great full blown Business Process Management suite. A lot of companies have already MOSS or are going to the MOSS platform and in every company there are workflows. But a lot of companies want to start small with implementing workflows. So I think there is….. uhhh, was a gap between MOSS and doing BPM. I guess the guys from K2 recognized this gap  and the potential of workflows/BPM within Sharepoint. They released BlackPoint! There is already a demo video on the site.

BlackPoint is a subset of K2 Blackpearl features and tools. SharePoint users now have the ability to build workflows and process-driven applications quickly — without code, without complexity! I’m looking forward to try it out on a real project. With Blackpoint the MOSS platform gets even more powerfull!

K2 [blackpearl] problems and solutions

This will be my first post on K2 [blackpearl] and certainly not my last one! I really like the product and I see more and more demand around the globe for the product.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year I did a project with K2 [blackpearl] for a major energy and petrochemicals company. During that project I came across some issues with K2 [blackpearl]. I’ll post the issues and the solutions over here so that other people can benefit from it.

Issue 1: When trying to deploy I received the following message:
You need to define an Environment for this project before you can deploy. Please define one before you deploy.
I did run the config manager again. After that I couldn’t open new or existing projects.

Message: The project file *.k2proj cannot be opened. The project type is not supported by this installation..
Solved by re-installation of K2 components.

Issue 2: I received the following message: SmartObjectServer Exception: Error Receiving Buffer
workaround: open the main Project file (.kprx) with a plain text editor (like Notepad) and look for lines
in the “Datafields” area where the <Description> tag spans over more than one line and please
correct them by putting the whole tags and content in a single line, example:
<Description>your text</Description>
Following the workaround caused the deployment wizard not to start occasionally. Rebooting the 
system helps, but takes time.

Moved my blog

For years I used Killerblog the blog engine created by Alex Thissen. As Alex decided to stop with further development of Killerblog, I decided to switch to another blog engine.

I switched to because that suits my needs best. I want to thank Alex for his support throughout the years! And I want to thank Dennis van der Stelt for helping me get up and running with

My blog here @ will have focus on K2 Blackpearl, BizTalk, SOA, RFID, general .NET stuff and also my personal journey through life.