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DevDays 2010 afterburner

Unexpectedly I was able to go to the DevDays yesterday and I had a great time. At the moment I’m in between projects so I asked if there were any tickets left for the DevDays. One of our interns bought a ticket already so I was able to take his place.

The day started not so good, it took me about 2 hours to get to the conference centre in The Hague:( Due to that I missed the keynote by Anders Hejlsberg, So I immediately went to the Avanade stand on the first floor. Our stand was pretty dominant right on top of the stairs.

The first session I saw was the session on ASP.NET MVC by Scott Hanselman. He is a great presenter. If separation of concerns is your main goal then ASP.NET MVC is your friend. I value this presentation with an 8.5

After having a nice lunch(especially the pompoen sandwich with tuna) I sat down to see the presentation of Anko Duizer on Windows Azure. Sadly enough it was quite the same presentation as last year, though it was good to get a good recap on Azure. I value this presentation with a 6.5

The next session I watched was on Windows Azure Platform AppFabric by Aaron Skonnard, great speaker, very knowledgable guy. I think AppFabric is a very interesting topic, certainly for customers of Avanade(enterprise customers in the Microsoft space). When our customers start moving to the cloud, they will also start integrating with each other and then AppFabric comes into play. I value this presentation with an 8.

I didn’t attend the last slot of the day, because I had to get my child from kindergarten. Also I did not attend the second day of the DevDays. I hope I can found some time to view some of the recorded sessions of today.My overall impression was that it was better then last year. And it is always nice to meet some former colleagues, co-workers, etc.

CU next year maybe!


Recommended sessions DevDays 2010

Every year I do a blogpost around the sessions that I recommend for the Microsoft Developer Days in The Netherlands. I don’t think I will be able to attend the event this year, but I will definitely watch some of the videos afterwards.

This would be my agenda:

Tuesday March 30:

The key-note(9.15-10.45 AM) of this year will be done by Mr C#, Anders Hejlsberg. I have never watched a session of him, but it will be interesting for sure!

Session 1(11.05-12.20 a.m.): I prefer the sessions on Azure Application by Aaron Skonnard and the ALM best practices session by my colleagues Ewald and Pieter.

Session 2(1.30 – 2.45 p.m.): Silverlight is a technology that is here to stay, that’s for sure now! And it will provide better looking user interfaces to our customers. Therefor I recommend the session on What’s new in Silverlight 4 by Mike Taulty. Other interesting session is the session on Windows Azure for Architects. Anko Duizer has the talent to exlain complex subjects in a simple manner. I always like his presentations and often he has some interesting new details to tell.

Session 3(3.05 – 4.20 p.m.): In this timeframe I see 3 interesting sessions. 1) C# 4.0 and beyond, interesting to hear from Anders himself about the new version of C#. C# and the .NET Framework is still the basics.    2) I think that the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus is one of Microsoft’s best kept secrets. Think of it as “a globally scalable application plumbing kit in the sky”. Therefor I definitely recommend the session by Aaron Skonnard on this subject.  3) If you want a more practical session I suggest the ALM best practices session again by Hassan and Edward, two great and knowledgable guys who I know for years now.

Session 4(4.30 – 5.45 p.m.): Scott Hanselman is a well known guy in the .NET community and I would definitely visit one of his sessions if I had the chance. I believe WCF RIA Services is an interesting technology, I don’t know the speaker Fons Sonnemans, but might be interesting as well. And if you are a real geek I suggest you visit the session of my colleague Alex Ries on Game Development on the Microsoft Surface.

I hope this helps you in planning your agenda for the Dev Days. Have fun if you visit the DevDays!!




Recommended sessions DevDays 2009!

One of my best viewed(over 750 views!) posts of last year was my post around the sessions on the Microsoft Developer Days.

Within a week from now, the Microsoft DevDays 2009 will take place in The Hague. Tickets are still available! I’ve already got mine.

I’ll try to make a nice agenda again, which has got everything in it. From great speakers till cloud computing and from Sharepoint to practical knowledge sessions which you can leverage immediately.

Thursday May 28:

The key-note(9.00-10.30 AM) of this year will be done by someone who I personally really admire, David Chappell! He is a great speaker and very knowledgable on the Microsoft era, as well as the Java world. We start the day with some Cloud perspective. David will tell you why this “cloud thing” isn’t just a hype.

Session 1(10.50-12.00 a.m.): I would like to hear what David’s opinion is around the Microsoft platform, that’s why I recommend to go for the session of David Chappell. If your interest is in WCF I would go for the session of Aaron Skonnard and if you really like ASP.NET I would opt for Ingo Rammers session.

Session 2(1.30 – 2.40 p.m.): Personally I’m very interested In Biztalk 2009 and the ESB guidance. Both are products we use at Avanade to help our customers create an Enterprise SOA. Other interesting session might be ‘A lap around VSTS 2010 Team Foundation Server’ because if you are a Microsoft developer you will need it in the future, that’s for sure.

Session 3(3.00 – 4.10 p.m.): This timeframe is full of great sessions! David Chappell on Geneva, Tony Krijnen on Windows 7, Gert Drapers on Declarative Database Development. So it’s hard to choose. But these subjects are all future stuff. Dennis Mulder, my ex-colleague and former career manager will do a talk on ALM for Biztalk developers. Very practical, which you can use immediately on your projects. I think I will support him and go see his session.

Session 4(4.30 – 5.40 p.m.): I’ve seen some whitepapers and blogposts from Aaron Skonnard, but I’ve never met him in real life. In this timeframe he will do a session on .NET Services: Moving .NET to the Cloud. I t

Tomorrow I will unveal the agenda for Friday also!