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Two videos on K2

There are two videos out on the web on K2.

The first video talks about the K2 products and the pricing model.

Earlier I did post some things around K2 Blackpoint. Well, the second video is even more interesting! It’s a demonstration by Seb and Shaun on K2 Blackpoint on channel 9.

I’m now off for a well deserved holiday in Belgium:)

Webcast on K2 Blackpoint tomorrow

I published earlier about K2 Blackpoint. Well tomorrrow there will be a webcast on K2 Blackpoint which you are are to join. Here are the details:

June 19th meeting from 6pm – 7pm Central Time. (GMT -06)

Subject: blackpoint Webcast
Start Time: Thursday, Jun 19, 2008 4:00 PM PDT
End Time: Thursday, Jun 19, 2008 5:00 PM PDT
Attendee URL:
Meeting ID: CK67B6
Attendee Entry Code: w;26H9&Pd
Location: Live Meeting
Toll free: +1 (888) 233-4650
Toll: +1 (719) 234-7876
Participant code: 733479

Sharepoint workflows on steriods!

When asked about the high points of his career at Microsoft, Bill Gates answered Windows 95 and Sharepoint Portal Server(MOSS). We all know that MOSS is selling massive! The MOSS platform has some workflow features built into the product, but they are somewhat limited. On the otherhand K2 has Blackpearl, a great full blown Business Process Management suite. A lot of companies have already MOSS or are going to the MOSS platform and in every company there are workflows. But a lot of companies want to start small with implementing workflows. So I think there is….. uhhh, was a gap between MOSS and doing BPM. I guess the guys from K2 recognized this gap  and the potential of workflows/BPM within Sharepoint. They released BlackPoint! There is already a demo video on the site.

BlackPoint is a subset of K2 Blackpearl features and tools. SharePoint users now have the ability to build workflows and process-driven applications quickly — without code, without complexity! I’m looking forward to try it out on a real project. With Blackpoint the MOSS platform gets even more powerfull!