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Look who’s talking now

Microsoft TechDays is an annual knowledge event for IT professionals, software developers, and for anyone with a passion for technology. With dozens of sessions TechDays offers many opportunities to learn about the latest technological developments in your field. I have again  the honor to present there as a speaker! I will do a talk in the last slot of the 2nd day, just before beer or other drinks 🙂

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Back from Holiday into FY11

Hi there!

I am back from a well deserved vacation to Cyprus. Cyprus is quite nice, also in October. It’s still 25-30degrees. But if you decide to go to Cyprus I would advise to stay on the Greek side of the Island. It’s more fun for tourists there.

The new fiscal year(FY11) already started at Avanade and hopefully it will be such a success as FY10. We are anxiously waiting for our new HTC Trophy Windows Phones 7, but it looks promising.

I’m really looking forward to the game Frogger on my Windows Phone 7:)


Last week we had the PDC(Professional Developer Conference) in the US, meanwhile I watched some interesting videos from PDC. Especially the one about the Biztalk roadmap and Integration as a service(IaaS).You can watch the BizTalk Server 2010 and Roadmap session here.

David Chappell just released an updated version of his whitepapers about the Azure platform “Introducing Windows Azure”  and “Introducing the Windows Azure Platform” with latest feature updates and enhancements as presented at PDC’10

Exciting times are coming up and a lot to learn about!!

If you need a refreshing break from learning or just some music during work, you can always download some new stuff:)

The new record of my friend DJ San can be downloaded from Beatport now, anther dance floor killer is the new record of Sander Van Doorn



Recommended sessions DevDays 2010

Every year I do a blogpost around the sessions that I recommend for the Microsoft Developer Days in The Netherlands. I don’t think I will be able to attend the event this year, but I will definitely watch some of the videos afterwards.

This would be my agenda:

Tuesday March 30:

The key-note(9.15-10.45 AM) of this year will be done by Mr C#, Anders Hejlsberg. I have never watched a session of him, but it will be interesting for sure!

Session 1(11.05-12.20 a.m.): I prefer the sessions on Azure Application by Aaron Skonnard and the ALM best practices session by my colleagues Ewald and Pieter.

Session 2(1.30 – 2.45 p.m.): Silverlight is a technology that is here to stay, that’s for sure now! And it will provide better looking user interfaces to our customers. Therefor I recommend the session on What’s new in Silverlight 4 by Mike Taulty. Other interesting session is the session on Windows Azure for Architects. Anko Duizer has the talent to exlain complex subjects in a simple manner. I always like his presentations and often he has some interesting new details to tell.

Session 3(3.05 – 4.20 p.m.): In this timeframe I see 3 interesting sessions. 1) C# 4.0 and beyond, interesting to hear from Anders himself about the new version of C#. C# and the .NET Framework is still the basics.    2) I think that the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus is one of Microsoft’s best kept secrets. Think of it as “a globally scalable application plumbing kit in the sky”. Therefor I definitely recommend the session by Aaron Skonnard on this subject.  3) If you want a more practical session I suggest the ALM best practices session again by Hassan and Edward, two great and knowledgable guys who I know for years now.

Session 4(4.30 – 5.45 p.m.): Scott Hanselman is a well known guy in the .NET community and I would definitely visit one of his sessions if I had the chance. I believe WCF RIA Services is an interesting technology, I don’t know the speaker Fons Sonnemans, but might be interesting as well. And if you are a real geek I suggest you visit the session of my colleague Alex Ries on Game Development on the Microsoft Surface.

I hope this helps you in planning your agenda for the Dev Days. Have fun if you visit the DevDays!!