Avanade Online Services is Public now

This week Avanade publicly announced Avanade Online Services. A new business for Avanade, AOS makes it possible to offer Avanade’s solutions and offerings in a Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) model.

SaaS allows companies to access software when and where it is needed, rather than purchase it for an enterprise-wide deployment. AOS provides a complete SaaS platform optimized for the delivery of Microsoft-based business applications.

In today’s technology market, companies have constrained capital budgets and IT resources,” EVP Aziz Virani said in a message to the company. “They want to deploy technologies rapidly and they need to reduce operational overhead. AOS makes this possible. It’s a complete optimized platform that lowers investment risk because it reduces costs and speeds time to realizing the value of those solutions. 

CRM first AOS solution

Avanade’s first AOS solution offering is AOS for CRM. Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it features hosted infrastructure, day-to-day operations, maintenance, end-user support and upgrade services, as well as the Avanade Productivity Platform suite of assets, which extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the enterprise.


If you want more information on this solution go to Avanade.com. Or drop me an email so that I can connect you to the right person.

All the best for 2010


I wish all readers of my blog all the best for 2010!!

The last 4 months of 2009 have been extremely busy for me. In the end we managed to get a K2 blackpearl/ASP.NET application out-of-the-door just before Christmas. During the project i came across some things that are worth mentioning on this blog. I will do that in one of my next post(s).


Stay tuned in 2010!!