SOA & BPM Conference Material

At the end of January the SOA & BPM conference was in held in Seattle . I intended to go there but I didn’t get authorisation to go there from my boss unfortunately. There was a lot of information on BizTalk 2009, Dublin, WCF & WF.

Lucky for me and I guess for a lot of other people that couldn’t attend the conference all content was recorded. So now you can grab some chips and start viewing the sessions that you believe are interesting.

Here is the link:

And the link to the powerpoint slides: 

Pink! Funhouse Tour in Rotterdam Ahoy

Yesterday evening I went with some friends to the Funhouse Tour concert of Pink!. She’s only 29years old but already a big star with lots of hitsongs. Her performance is outstanding and she also looks good. She’s the new Madonna but with a great own personality.

It was a great show and fantastic performance! If you like her music, go buy some tickets and see the show!

I also uploaded a video to YouTube shot with my telephone. Here is the link to Pink 🙂