Microsoft certification paths

Since I still need to upgrade my certification towards MCPD Enterprise Application Developer I was looking around for information regarding all the new certifications.

I came across an useful overview, see attached.

I plan to do the first update exam(70-553) in the beginning of April.



Back on ‘air’!

February 16, 2009 / 1 Comment on Back on ‘air’!

Hi readers of my blog,

Finally I’m back blogging again. First of all sorry for not blogging that long! I has been an extremely busy period for me. I moved to my new house in December to start living with my girlfirend Monica and her 4 year old daughter Amber. Because of moving to our new house I needed to move my internet connection as well.

But that wasn’t as easy as it should be. It took XS4ALL almost 6 weeks to move my connection. In the end I was so disappointed with XS4ALL, that I decided to switch to cable internet from Ziggo. It took some time to get evrything ordered and up and running. But now I have triple play(internet, TV and phone) services from Ziggo. So no KPN or XS4ALL(which is also KPN) anymore in my house!

Regarded work…. I’m still working with K2 blackpearl, doing some Proof of Concepts. I’m glad that the K2 book is out now. I pre-ordered a copy on but I still haven’t received it yet 🙁 Which is strange while colleagues of mine who ordered the book a couple of weeks back already have the book.

Be prepared this year for more blogging on Microsoft technologies(K2 blackpearl, BizTalk, etc), daily life things and hobbies like snowboarding(will go in 3 weeks!), cycling, house music, internet, etc.

Stay tuned!