Business Application Automation with Sharepoint and K2 webcast

Learn more about how K2 extends SharePoint to allow users to quickly assemble and automate critical business applications. The K2 platform provides rich business process management capabilities to equip users with tools to design, execute, optimize, monitor and report upon process-driven applications.

A use case demonstration of an HR Employee On boarding Application will showcase the deep integration between K2, MOSS and InfoPath.

K2 and Qortex, a SharePoint Premier Systems Integrator, will cover SharePoint deployment best practices and strategies for SharePoint adoption within your enterprise.

The event will be held Wednesday 24th of September between 6pm and 7pm Dutch time

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Changes to the Dutch .NET magazine

Yesterday I attended an authors meeting at Microsoft Netherlands about the changes to the Dutch Microsoft.NET magazine that are upcoming. Currently Microsoft distributes around 30.000 items of the magazine every quarter. Microsoft is going to change a couple of things.

The most important change is that every edition will be about a certain subject(e.g. SQL Server 2008, Rosario, etc.). The item will contain at least 5 articles around that subject.

They won’t take on the role of publisher anymore; Array Publications will be responsible for that. For the readers of the magazine there won’t be a lot of changes except for 2 things: The layout of the magazine will change a lot. And from what I’ve seen of it I must say it is an improvement.

The other thing that is changing for the users, is the fact that you need to tell Microsoft that you still want to receive the .NET magazine. That way Microsoft knows exactly who is reading the magazine and who not. You can register for the .NET magazine at

Good thing is that it will continue to be FREE of charge!

Happy reading in the future!

Not 007 but 807 is here

Yesterday K2 announced the public availability of the latest Blackpearl release 0807. It’s currently in Beta and downloadable for customers and partners. The beta cycle is planned to run for 2 to 3 weeks.

K2 fixed around 280 problems in this release and also added some new functionality. Sergio displays a good list of what the new release is all about:

A double 4th anniversary and the beginning of a ‘new’ year

It’s the time of the year that everybody gets back from holiday and starts with a fresh spirit. For me personally yesterday was a bit of a special day. I celebrated two 4th anniversaries!

The first one was the anniversary of Amber, the daughter of my girlfriend. It was an exciting day for her, because it also was her first day at school.

The second anniversary I celebrated yesterday was the beginning of my 5th year @ Avanade. It was again a good year at Avanade, our headcount increased by 36%! We started 4 years ago with about 15 people and now we really have a nice footprint in the Dutch market and also globally.

The 1st of September was also the kick-off of the new fiscal year 2009. Which means that a lot of plans are presented for the coming year(3). September and Oktober are always months in which you have a lot of meetings and kick-offs. Everybody has new ideas after the vacation break:)

Two interesting meetings in the month September are the following:

The first one is a meeting on the 4th of September around ‘project Velocity’ presented by Dennis van der Stelt(the owner of Unfortunately I cannot attend this meeting while our general manager for Europe will visit Avanade Netherlands. But you can register here.

The second meeting I want to put your attention on is the BizTalk UserGroup meeting. It’s on the 22nd of September in Utrecht. You can register here.