Coolest company

By mark
July 22, 2008

Avanade Netherlands is in the race to become the coolest company. A competition started by one of the largest radio stations in The Netherlands, radio 3FM.

If we win the contest a radioshow will be recorded at our office and after lunch we receive a dance party:)

Here is the link to the video we supplied for the competition.

Funny part is that my girlfriend is in the video! She’s the girl halfway the video dancing with her sunglasses. Now it will surprise me if we don’t win:)

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  1. He Mark,

    Ken je me nog, KPN Amersfoort 2 jaar geleden?

    Hoe kom jij aan zo’n mooie vriendin? Moet je gevoel voor humor zijn 😉

  2. Mark Willems says:

    Haha! En nog om een andere reden, maar laten we het netjes houden hier:)

  3. Have you won the competition?

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