WCF service not displayed(HTTP 404) when using the option Browse in IIS

The technical support support people at my current customer deployed our WCF services to an education environment. After that, they weren’t able to browse the WCF service from within IIS. The first thing I noticed on the environment was that the .NET framework 3.0 was not installed on that server. So I thought that would solve the issue. But it didn’t.:(

Then I came across the posting of Jean Paul Smit (http://bloggingabout.net/blogs/jpsmit/archive/2007/01/17/wcf-http-404-when-hosted-in-iis.aspx) His problem was that he forgot to mark the website in IIS as a .NET 2.0 website. But I had already checked that. That was OK.

Then I read about the CleanIISScriptMaps.exe tool which cleans the IIS metabase from corruptions. From what I read here: http://wcf.netfx3.com/files/folders/product_team/entry5648.aspx the tool was only useful when Beta version of WCF were installed. And that was not the case in our situation.

Nonetheless I tried running the tool, because I didn’t have a lot of options anymore. And it worked! So, the CleanIISScriptMaps.exe utility may also work when no Beta versions of WCF are installed. Thanks to Clemens Vasters….author of the tool.


Coolest company

Avanade Netherlands is in the race to become the coolest company. A competition started by one of the largest radio stations in The Netherlands, radio 3FM.

If we win the contest a radioshow will be recorded at our office and after lunch we receive a dance party:)

Here is the link to the video we supplied for the competition.

Funny part is that my girlfriend is in the video! She’s the girl halfway the video dancing with her sunglasses. Now it will surprise me if we don’t win:)