Avanade Belgium doubles staff in one day.

By mark
June 6, 2008

Last Wednesday Avanade aquired Quadreon, a Belgium company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics AX(not really my type of sport). Due to this aquisition Avanade Belgium is doubled in terms of people! Avanade is well on-track to become the worlds nr 1 Business Solutions Partner.

Funny thing to note is that one of the most important customers of Quadreon is Studio 100. This Belgium Entertainment company creates things like K3 and Kabouter Plop, which are really famous among Dutch children and also their parents(including me….Plopper de Plop haha). So know we @ Avanade are doing K2[Blackpearl] and K3 with Dynamics, what’s next?… 🙂

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